Sunday, 28 April 2013

Twitter Round Up

Hey! It's been a while. Dig this round up from twitter featuring some of our favourite tracks of the past few months:

Wankelmut & Emma Louise - My Head is a Jungle

Tube & Berger - In My Dip

Jay West & Manuel Sahagun - Fool Me

The Bamboos - The Wihelm Scream, from the great label Tru Thoughts


Saturday, 29 September 2012


Oslo's answer to the Peckham Terminator, the prolific Terjinator has done it again with this edit of Lindstrom's Ra ako st. I like to imagine Todd Terje hiding out in a log cabin under the northern lights hard at work behind his laptop, churning out quality remixes - wherever he does it he's on to a winning formula.

LINDSTR├śM - Ra-Ako-St (Todd Terje edit)

Todd is the master of the disco house remix, letting fly this Hot Chip cut:

HOT CHIP - How Do You Do (Todd Terje remix)

I think I've put this on the blog before (I've definitely listened to it a lot of times), but I still love it. Todd's remix of the frankly less than cool Osmonds:

Osmonds - I,I,I - Todd Terje Edit

He doesn't just tinker with other people's tunes though, here is his original track Inspector Norse, released earlier in the year:

TODD TERJE - Inspector Norse (radio edit)

If you like what you've heard head over to Todd's soundcloud account to hear more Terje style edits and remixes.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


I really enjoy the deep house bass and crisp hits of this track, peppered with just enough space piano to take you on a cosmic journey. It's the original mix of "The Organ Track" by Thomas Gandey:

If you're after more of a club tune served with a slice of nostalgia, check out Gandey's remix of Mousse T.'s "Horney":

Turbo's ZZT (aka Tiga & Zombie Nation) have once again given the world an excellent electro edged house-hip-hop cut in the form of their latest tune "Nickel und Dime". The track is a little short, but hopefully there will be some extended mixes out soon: [Video NSFW]


Sunday, 26 August 2012

Mashups round up

Just some mash ups that tickled me recently...

Finally Beef, Mos Def vs Pretty Lights by lavajury who has a youtube channel here and you can download the track here

Pjanoo Dance, David Bowie vs Eric Prydz by Dunproofin which I found here at the mutant pop blog

Staying Hot, Nelly vs the Bee Gees by DJ Lobster dust who has a blog here, a youtube channel here and you can download the track here.

This has been all over the internet for about 3 million years but its still worth a mention.

Lastly, this is a great duo I stumbled across recently who mashed David Bowie into Elton John with surprisingly brilliant results. The band can be found here


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Old Ferro

Oh Hai!

Ferro is getting old and is rapidly approaching the "someone's father playing music from two decades ago at the school disco".

The aspect of the getting old with music arc I'm on is buying music that's good to run to,In that light, check this out - E-Spectro with Dawn on Sunset.


And for the after run, wonk session; The Flint Kids remix of Nest by Gazelle Twin.

Wuv - Ferro

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

wax on wax off

Soulwax have just uploaded their remix of Sprawl II to youtube. It still has the Soulwax sound of electric hits and bells, but the boys from Belgium have moved with the times in more of a minimal direction. I was going to say it's quite different from the 2007 smash remix of The Klaxons' Gravity's Rainbow and play it below, but I've listened to it again and it doesn't sound that different; they both sound so Soulwax.

Instead why don't you check out the original version of Sprawl II, from 2010's Arcade Fire album, the Suburbs:

Saturday, 31 March 2012

French pop rocks my boat...

OMG - Phoenix and now this?! French Pop Music is amazing.

Check out more of Concorde here

If you don't know Phoenix try this

Wuv, Ferro

- x -